Home Sweet Home

Though my title may be misleading I do mean it feels good to be back home at Augie. I am grateful for the summer that I had because I got to spend it with the most important thing in my life… family. However with that being said it is great to be back on campus with my second family. As soon as i moved in on Tuesday I immediately began to see my fraternity brothers and great friends come and greet me. The little things matter to me and they are what drive my determination to become the best I can be and to observe the true potential that only I conceal. I have a long and very busy school year ahead of me but I know that everyone has my back and are here to help me whenever I need it. Home Sweet Home for sure!! I will post a picture of my family later today. 

Mr. notconfidentbutconfident

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m sitting here at my desk just thinking to myself what I’m going to do. There is one week left of school and things are running through my head so fast. I am studying and focusing on my grades to finish the year strong but I cant stop thinking about family and friends. I have a lot of work to do in this last week and a half or so. Right now it just seems so impossible and all this weight is on my shoulders. I have always juggled so many things in my life and stress never really got to me. However, right now I am having second thoughts about some things and I just need to fight through it. I’ve never really had to think so much about some things in my life. Now I am at my desk in the middle of a Sunday night just writing a blog. I am confident everything will workout but for now I need to keep my head down and do everything in my power to get what I want and what I work for.


Just finished week one of pledging. Not a whole lot to say but it has been a little overwhelming and a test of my time management. Spring term has been great so far and it can only get better from here. I’m meeting so many people and even alumni that I cant think of all the names. My experience at Augustana is great and I cant say i regret anything I’ve done so far. I just hope that others are having the experience I am getting. 

Week 9 and 10 have been busy but can’t wait until Texas trip with my golf bros this spring… Then its back to campus for pledging.

And the recruitment for Augustana greek life begins!!!

Couldn’t be more excited to meet more people and get a feel for the different fraternities.

Haven’t posted in awhile but the new year and birthday has been wonderful. Optimistic about the rest of Winter term and cant wait to see all my friends.

" “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
-Allen Saunders "

- Getting slammed with homework this next two weeks but I cant get out of the holiday laziness. Need to step it up starting today.

Fall Break

A week ago today I got to come home after a long and vigorous finals week. I couldn’t have been happier to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in months. Over fall break I got to sleep in for the first time in awhile and it never felt better :). 

Break has been good but I cant wait to get back to campus and be with friends. Winter term is going to be a little harder of a term but I am focused and determined to make it the best I can. I’m so close to finishing all my prerequisites for an assistant athletic trainer position as well. Couple more volunteer hours and I’m on my way.